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    Are you a nail polish fanatic or do you have a friend that loves pretty polished nails?

    Why not make a custom holiday ornament, showcasing that favorite polish color! This video shows you how to create fabulous custom ornaments out of your favorite polishes. Perfect for your own home, to gift to a friend. Enjoy!

    If you have made some of these, please submit a photo of your final product! 

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    Detachable collars. These are becoming a big trend now, and I can see why! They are a great way to adding pop to any blouse, dress or even as an accent piece for a strapless top. This cool tutorial will show you how to make one of your own in just a few easy steps. Once you learn how to do it, the possibilities are endless. You’d probably only need to own 2 shirts and just switch up the collars every day. VIOLA! Brand new shirt for every day of the year. Hehe. Enjoy!

    If you’ve made some of these, please submit a pic so we can see! <

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    Ok, so we’ve all seen those cute blouses with blinged out collars. Some of them I’ve seen were extremely expensive. With just a few dollars, and the tips in this video, I can now make my own! With some creativity, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy this neat diy vid!

    If you followed this video, and made a cute version of your own shirt, please submit a picture! <3

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    Love those peplum skirts, but can’t find the right one for you? MAKE ONE! This video by @luvableviet shows you how to make a simple peplum skirt that you can rock on any day! The possibilities are endless. Choose different fabrics, mix odd colors and maybe add some bling! The choice is truly yours. Enjoy!

    If you’ve made one of these skirts, please submit a photo! <3

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    Take your favorite summer shoes straight to winter, with this simple diy project! 

    If you completed this project, please submit a photo of your finished project!

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    Day 329: Evan Tunic

    Stuck with an ex’s shirt? Has your boyfriend slimmed down and hasn’t thrown out his old big boy shirts? No problem!! Try this simple no-sew project for a super cute summer tunic. 

    • 2 years ago

    Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress

    Definitely an awesome way to transform an old gown!! I absolutely love this refashionista!! 

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    Quick Halloween Costume Idea #6


    Loofah DIY Halloween Costume


    1. A HEAP of safety pins - I got a box of 100 from the dollar store for $1.00
    2. 8 meters of tulle (although I would recommend 10 meters to be safe) for $20.00
    3. An old t-shirt with a hood

    4. A metal coat hanger
    5. 2 meters of rope ($1.50 from the fabric shop)
    6. Very thin wire 
    7. Duct tape
    8. Old headband
    9. Hot glue
    10. Wire snippers

    The actual loofah was easy peasy to create. It was time consuming as it took about three hours to pin. Snip the tulle and then create a good-sized puff you like. Then safety pin your puff to the old shirt. I recommend that you start with the most bottom puffs first and work your way up to the hood. 

    The headband was a tad difficult to make. I started by un-knotting a metalcoat hanger and ran hot glue across it. I wrapped the 2 meters of rope around it. Then, twist the rope into the type of shape you like. Glue the two rope ends together - I found that a 3 inch base was sturdy. To insure that your headband is sturdy, thin wire will attach the base of the rope to an old head band. The more you wire, the more sturdy your headband will be. Next, I wrapped the entire base with duct tape to make sure no wire would be poking.


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    Going as a zombie this year for Halloween? Make your own prosthetic!! Its super easy with this tutorial, and you can embellish it and create so many different looks. The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity. I’m definitely using this vid for my costume this year. Sexy zombie…here i come!! 

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    Oh I just adore mini top hats!! You can make your own!! Just follow the simple instructions here. (Via ABOUT.COM)

    Oh I just adore mini top hats!! You can make your own!! Just follow the simple instructions here. (Via ABOUT.COM)

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    Costume Idea #2-ZOMBIE!!!!!

    OK, so sure..everyone is a zombie for Halloween. But hello!!!—zombies are like totally cool!!

    You can step it up a notch by being a different kind of zombie. Maybe a school girl, a tourist, a cop, oooh how about a stripper!!!! Hey—you never know! Anywho.. its easy to create a great zombie costume with some great imagination and a few basic tips. 


    Think about what kind of zombie you want to be. Something simple or maybe something elaborate like ….a zombie bride perhaps. 

    Head over to your local thrift store and see what pieces you can find. Then get ready to destroy them!!

    You can make small slits with a scissor then rip them the rest of the way with your hands. You can even have a bit of fake blood on your hands while you rip, to make it look like your victims or other zombies tried to get ya!! 

    Ash and dirt can be used on your clothes to make it look like you’ve been roaming around searching for brains! Yummmm!!!

    Make bloody hand prints across your clothing. Remember, you can make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like. The key is, to make your clothes look a little worn out and distressed. 


    Its gotta be messy!! Just matte it all up. brush against the grain of your hair and ..why not.. crunch up some leaves in there. *shrugs*. You can even go the other route and have a perfectly hair- sprayed do with just a few strands blowing in the breeze. Who said there can’t be sexy zombies? -__-


    The face is the most important part. If you don’t get the makeup right, you’ll just look like bloody hobo. So you can use white and grey face paints, dark colors for under the eyes and red lipstick. If you’d like to really stand out, get some funky contacts, like the white out!!  You can even use the elements-rub some dirt on your face!! Hey, whatever works. But no, seriously, here is a tutorial on how to do zombie makeup. 


    So, yea..its simple. You just need the blood. It could be a little, it could be a lot. Either way, it has to be there. Be creative. There is no right or wrong way for blood to splatter. Just..wing it!!

    Have a happy and safe, and oh so gory Halloween!!

    B. <3

    Show us your zombie face!! Shoot over a pic of your gore-tastic zombie makeover!

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    Sparkle shoes

    Need a great pair of bedazzled shoes for your costume? Now we all love Lady Gaga’s awesome shoes, like the ones she wore to the Grammys (shown below), but they aren’t easy to find—or are they?! Hmmmmm…. 

    Well either way, no worries!! We’ve got you covered. Just get a pair of platform shoes or boots that you will be comfortable in for the night. You can find these at costume or specialty shops. Most platforms are either black or brown, so you’ll have to spray paint them white first. Now, get out your gem-tac (any embellishment glue will do, i use GEM-TAC from Beacon. You can get it Michael’s or AC Moore craft shops). The trick is to add as many rhinestones as humanly possible to those shoes! You can use different sizes but try to stick to smaller sizes. Just dab a small dot of the gem glue to where you want the gem, and press gently. Continue all throughout the shoes until you are satisfied with the look, and make sure they dry for at least 24hrs for best results. You are ready to rock now!! 

    Be creative with your designs. If you would also like to have sparkling tights, you can use the gem glue on fabric as well, to add some rhinestones. I say, the more sparkles, the better!!! i just love BLING!! 

    Have a fun and safe, and SPARKLY Halloween!

    B. <3

    Show us how your project came out! Shoot over a pic of your fab new shoes!! <3

    Lady Gaga arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

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    Costume Idea #1-Gaga

    Costume idea #1

    We all love our Mother Monster, and what a great way to show it, by being her for Halloween!?

    This costume is simple and fun to do. 

    Here is what you’ll need:


    -A white or skin colored full body stocking. (If you find one that is crotchless, itsok because you are going to cut on leg off anyway).

    -White lace fabric

    -fabric adhesive spray (for those that don’t sew) or a white needle and thread. 

    To make the costume, simply  cut one leg and the arms off of the body suit. Cut the lace fabric into your favorite shapes (be creative!). Put the body suit on and pin the lace pieces to the spot that you want them in. Lastly, take the suit off and start adhering those lace pieces to the suit. You can use a fabric adhesive spray if you don’t sew, or just need a super quick costume (make sure it dries over night before wearing it out!). If you are going to sew the pieces on, do use a white thread and crossover stitching for a good hold. And that’s that!! You’re done with the costume. You can change it up a bit by adding rhinestones, beads, glitter or even using a different color lace. The choice is yours, so have fun with it!


    This mask is fairly simple to do. You will need the same lace fabric you used for your costume and some spirit gum (is used by make-up artists; can be found in beauty supply or Halloween shops).  Take a piece of paper and place it against your face. Mark the bridge of your nose, your brows and eyes, then cut it into shape. Keep testing the shape of the paper mask against your face until you get the perfect fit. Once you’ve got that figured out, cut the lace fabric to match the shape of the paper mask. Test the fabric on your face and adjust the shape if you need to. Once you have the perfect fit, simply dab a little bit of the spirit gum on your brows, the bridge of your nose and under your eyes. Add as much as you need to, to make sure that your mask will stay tight and secure throughout the night. You can do your makeup now. Try not to over do it- a little bit of silver liner, maybe some nude shadows and a bright red lip. That is all you need!! 


    This is the part where you really get to show your creative side. You can get a tall white wig (something like a Marie Antoinette or a Elizabethan wig) and some cotton spider webs. Use adhesive spray to attach the webbing to the wig to give it height and try to make some curls. You can use a canned hair color spray to add some color to the wig, but NOT TOO MUCH!! Give the wig as much height as you can, but make sure its comfortable enough to wear. I’d throw some sparkles in there too-why not!?  

    So it looks like this costume is all done. Not too bad, right?! Its simple, its fun and you can play with it to make it truly unique. If you’re going to be doing lots of walking, or dancing, id suggest some comfortable shoes, preferably in white, but if you can sport those sexy spiked heels all night long, then you go girl!! 

    Be sure to check out the photo below for references. 

    Have fun and be safe this Halloween!! 

    B. <3

    Lady Gaga at The Brit Awards in February, 2010

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    Use an old oven rack as a jewelry organizer.

    (via blog)

    Related: Use old stove-burner tops as trivets.

    God, Jesus, Zeus, and Apollo has given me an answer on how to do with my trinkets that I have all over the place.

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